Special Projects

Information Technologies for Small Business Corporate Connections November 2011


Keynote speaker at Corporate Connections Information Technologies for Small Business seminar. Educated small business owners on new information technologies to include Smart Phones, Tablets, Netbook, and Cloud Storage Solutions. Discussed the importance of selecting the correct IT solutions to help small businesses prosper in a tough economic market. Attended by 15 Layton small business owners.


Northern Realty Business   Operations Seminar January 2009


Keynote speaker at Business Operations seminar conducting a comprehensive overview on protecting small business. Topics that were be covered include; Continuity of Operations, Disaster Preparedness, Data Backup, Malicious Software Protection, Identity Theft, and Wireless Security.  Attended by 45 realtors and other small business owners.


Designed Secure Data   Conferencing Center   June 2006


Designed Secure Data Conferencing Center fully compliant with Information Assurance Requirements and Managing Cross Security Domain Risks. Conferencing center was certified as being fully compliant with DOD Type 1, 2, 3 encryption standards.  Key factors to design was Data security and network access control, Physical Security (room location, potential for eavesdropping / spying, sound isolation, radiation protection / TEMPEST certification)


Designed computer network for Hill AFB Junior Enlisted Center Feb 2005


Procured and installed 10 computers for new center opening with 24 hour deadline. Upgraded network from 10 computers to 36 computers and 5 network servers running Red Hat Linux and Windows XP operating systems.

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