Work Experience

UNITED STATES AIR FORCE                                

Jan 2013 – Present

Information Technology Specialist                      

309 Software Maintenance Group

Responsibilities: As an IT Specialist I act as a system administrator in the Maintenance Directorate (MA) Mission Critical Computer Resource (MCCR) section. This section is located in the Software Division of Maintenance Directorate (MAS). As an IT Specialist I provide expert support of computer systems for Windows and Unix-based systems, using a variety of network configurations. I also perform system programming, systems administration, and other related system management duties to administer Enterprise and Local Area Networks. I provide guidance and assistance to the Maintenance Directorate (MA) in the area of Computer Systems Analysis. Provides information technology system support for the 309 Software Maintenance Group. Diagnoses and resolves level 1 and 2 hardware and software problems, diagnoses, troubleshoot and repair desktop systems, printers, peripherals and operating problems. Expert technician at software backup, file restoration, software installation, hardware setup, reimaging and configuring new desktops and laptops for operations to include copying users files, settings, emails, and network and printer connections. Consults and instruct users on hardware and software questions/issues. Works with 309 SMXG staff. Supports development systems on site and remotely. Reviews and provide advice and guidance on various production issues. Interprets IT policies, standards and guidelines. Reviews and recommends solutions for complex issues which affect Projects, the network and software applications. Evaluates and recommends adoption of new or enhanced approaches to delivering IT services. Participates in identifying and defining technical requirements to be applied to the design and development of systems and networks. Member of Technical Review Board regarding development network changes. Provides technical guidance and presents recommendation and justification on acquisition of software and other products for application systems. Prepares and presents reports to Directors, Project Managers, supervisors, and internal staff.

– Maintains and enforces Information Assurance programs, installs security patches and upgrades and assists in the implantation of section quality and process improvement efforts. Responsible for the daily adherence to the IT security program including the proper safeguarding of sensitive data.

 Unit Software License Manager Maintains all new software, ensures the legal acquisition and use of all software. Store evidence of license agreements of licenses. Ensure newly assigned personnel receive software license training within 30 days of their arrival and annually thereafter. I conduct preliminary analysis of software to help determine the appropriateness of the software to see if it meets, program and network requirements

– SharePoint Administrator Responsible for a mixture of SharePoint architecture, administration, development, project management, business analysis and development of a public facing, 309 SMXG SharePoint. SharePoint development creating custom lists, libraries, workflows and forms. Maintaining User Profiles, Site configuration, and permissions. Training end users on lists, libraries, pages, publishing, web parts, importing, exporting, navigation, general utilization of SharePoint and many other features.


DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY                                

July 2007 – Jan 2013

Senior Systems Engineer/Information Technology Specialist                      

Transportation Security Administration (TSA)             

State of Utah

Responsibilities:  Provided comprehensive information technology system support, project management, maintenance, and training for TSA! Supports information technology requirements for Salt Lake City International Airport and 6 spoke airports, two offsite office locations and 500 plus employees! Performs hardware and software installations and provides high-level customer support, technical support, training in applying hardware, software systems, and information technology. Onsite project manager for all information technology related projects TSA–Utah including systems upgrades, configuration changes, troubleshooting, and building expansion to customer requirements. Responsible for identifying potential and existing problems in office of information and technology production and prototype operating systems.

TSA Information Technology Project Manager responsible for the opening of four new facilities to include Saint George Municipal Airport, Wendover Airport, Provo Municipal Airport, and TSA Regulatory Office Salt Lake City, designed Hi-SOC Ethernet network, and wrote statement of work (SOW) and other technical documentation that detailed work activities, deliverables and timeline that the vendor would perform. Coordinated and supervised installation of network ensuring all deliverables were accomplished ahead of schedule and under budget. Directly responsible for information system design in new emergency response center, to include system cabling, equipment selection, space optimization, and advising management concerning all major aspects of Automatic Data Processing (ADP) system design to include what system interrelationships must be considered, what operating modes, system software, and what equipment configurations are most appropriate for the project. A clear and direct project manager on airport upgrades including secure Internet Protocol address change, KRONOS time clock installation, Coordination center remodel! Responsible for IT project coordination with SLC International Airport Information Technology Team, and phone departments. Interprets network problems and provide technical support to include network outages system configuration changes, software upgrades, hardware upgrades and building upgrades.

Lead Project Manager on Computer refresh responsible for the coordination of replacing 300 computers. Responsible for determining if problems are due to connectivity issues or the result of problems at a higher level or offsite, determines if additional technicians need to be dispatched to site. Constantly interprets processes and quality standards and practices and apply them in a variety of situations. Interfaces on a monthly basis with State and Local Department of Homeland Security representatives, FBI, and CIA to discover and stop emerging transportation security threats. I conduct additional training and instruction to TSA personnel as required for information assurance, computer security, provides guidance in purchasing equipment, Continuity of Operations (COOP) Communications, Information Technology, MARS, SAT Phone, and Disaster Preparedness. Member of nationwide quality analysis group responsible for system optimization, and system debugging, TSA Team Member of 2008 Public Official Conference on emergency management.



June 1987 to July 2007

(Retired Technical Sergeant)                                                                                  

Base Software License Manager                                                                          

Base Equipment Control Officer

Responsibilities: Ensured the information technology (IT) systems and applications were secured, supportable, sustainable, and compatible with the Air Force Enterprise Network, the Air Force IT Infrastructure and all Department of Defense information technology systems. Demonstrated extensive knowledge of prevailing IT practices in government agencies hand selected to manage wing software license, and Automatic Data Processing (ADPE) programs.


        Accomplishments:  Developed IT applications, evaluated and monitored activities, and reported on accomplishments and discrepancies within the agency.   Managed and conducted Software License Management and Anti-Piracy Training according to Executive Order. 13103.  Provided expertise that ensured executive agencies of the U.S. Government acquired, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, and used computer software in compliance with international treaty obligations and federal law, including the Copyright Act; additionally I ensured executive agencies maintained only legal software on their computers and computer networks; and managed proper storage of license agreements, licenses, and physical software media in a secure location.  Supervised and maintained the accountability of all Automatic Data Processing Equipment (ADPE) valued at $5.3 million owned  by the 388 fighter wing,  Provided guidance in purchasing equipment, and determining the method used to account for all ADPE. Managed 75 Equipment Custodians in conducting annual inventory requirements of all ADPE assets assigned, and performed announced/unannounced audits of all thirty-seven accounts.  Ultimate  responsibility for conducting annual training of all personnel requiring software license management and equipment custodian training for the wing.

Avionic Sensors Production Supervisor

Managed a work center with 40 employees responsible for integrated avionics activities, maintenance, calibration, and inspection of 9 avionics test stations and 65 LANTIRN Pods. I am experienced in communicating complex technical requirements to non-technical personnel. Experienced in providing technical leadership on projects, and briefing senior management officials on complex/controversial issues. I have demonstrated Knowledge of performance management tools. I have ensured compliance with directives, policies, and procedures, and I have complied with maintenance standards, initiated deficiency reports, maintenance analysis documents, technical data changes, and equipment records. I have interpreted, established, and complied with training, security, and safety standards. Ensured compliance with directives governing handling, use, and disposal of hazardous waste and materials, recorded information on data collection forms and automated systems! Directed and controlled maintenance, calibration, and inspection of integrated avionics test stations and aircraft components. Supervised maintenance actions on avionic sensor systems equipment such as infrared detection sets, closed circuit and low light or all light level television, optical cameras, data display sets, infrared mapping sets, videotape and digital recorders, laser target designator, laser receivers, terrain following radar, sensor control systems, and associated support equipment (SE). Assembled, connected, and bore sighted flight line replaceable components. Tested installed equipment according to technical orders. Prepared aircraft for low altitude attack profiles, precision bombing, covert operations, and reconnaissance, inspected avionic sensor equipment and maintained inspection records.


        Ancillary Positions/Duties/Responsibilities:

         Client Support Administrator

Utilized specialized experience including superior technical, consultative, and problem resolution skills in support of all activities relating to support of clients at Hill AFB in all aspects of assigned projects.  Demonstrated advanced knowledge of information technology and IT problem management methods and practices while providing technical assistance, support, and advice to customers and other users.  Troubleshot and interpreted problems and provide technical support for hardware, software, and systems.  Created and manipulated accounts and objects in Active Directory, monitored group membership policies and ensured proper issuance of file and group permissions. Utilized Symantec Systems Center Console to manage virus definition updates, software upgrades, performed patch management utilizing Action Request System software from Remedy Corp and Microsoft Corporation. Performed upgrades, repairs, and software loading of workstations.

        Avionic Sensors Security Manager

Managed facility security for a complex worth 38 million dollars. I was responsible for insuring facility security which included providing building protection, accountability of classified information, classified equipment, and a Tactical Weapons sensor system. I was responsible for employee awareness of local, global, physical and information technology security threats that could impact local systems 24/7. Remotely monitored and adjusted security systems, programs in response to emergent threats. This included Terrorist Threat Conditions and recommended responses to terrorist threats against U.S. personnel and facilities. I ensured emergency action plans were current and that all personnel were trained in there use and implementation. I conducted random inspections ensuring all classified material was stored in accordance with DOD directives, and took immediate corrective action for any deficiencies discovered. I also recommended appropriate security policies and procedures for facility, and initiated, coordinated background security checks on all personnel as needed.

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