Gregory L. Roby, BS, MSM ISS

Senior Systems Engineer/Information Technology Specialist /Analyst

With over 26 years’ experience working on Government contracts and Military projects, with extensive knowledge and expertise in Information Technology. Additionally, I have 28 years of fostering an environment of trust and inclusion, which produced greater effectiveness and efficiency in managing people and resources including: directing and coordinating organizational units; managing and training personnel; developing, establishing and monitoring productivity goals; and managing special projects. I am accustomed to operating in the complex management environments of Information Technology and Information Assurance as the project requires while maintaining sensitivity to those I interface with as a manager, supervisor, or peer.


Core Specialities:

Information Technology

Tier 1 & 2 Technician

Security Management, Information Assurance

Continuity of Operations, Disaster Preparedness,

Software Management

SharePoint Management

Equipment Management

Quality Assurance

Facilitator, Trainer, and Mentor